5 Tips to Keep the Garage Floor Looking Good

Working in the garage keeps you busy. However, you notice your floor is looking aged and weathered, despite the relatively recent construction of your garage. If that is the case, there are some tips below that can help keep the floor looking new.

resurfacing garage floor

Clean Up Spills Quickly

Certain products you tend to use in the garage, such as oil and other fluids in a vehicle, can cause more damage the longer they lay on the garage floor. If you notice a vehicle leak or spill some fluid as you are changing or refilling, the time to clean up that spill is as quickly as possible after it occurs. You will have better looking floors for a longer period.

Hose It Down Regularly

As noted above, fluids left on the garage floor can do damage. The same can be said for dust and debris. Make a plan to hose the floor on a regular schedule, so you can minimize damage to it.

Protect the Floor from Jacks with Plywood

Jacks, while holding the heavy weight of the vehicle, can damage the garage floor. Instead of allowing that to happen, it pays to have plywood on hand to act as a protective layer between the jack and the floor.

Buffer the Kickstand

Protect your garage floor from dents and scrapes by placing a cloth down before you put the bike away and kick down that kickstand.

Address Stains with a Magic Eraser

Some tougher stains don’t wash off or scrub out. If this is the case, it is time to use a Magic Eraser and some good, old-fashioned muscle to scrub that stain away.

For older floors, it may be a good idea to consider resurfacing garage floor and getting an estimate on the cost of that can provide a better idea if now is the time or if that project will have to wait.