How Will You Know If Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Leaking Water?


When your commercial or domestic use A/C unit is leaking water, you will not notice it immediately. It does take a while for this occurrence to develop. But the causes that lead to an A/C leaking water need to be addressed as early as possible. This is a case of stating the obvious. Neglect the system throughout and more damage will accumulate, leading to the system becoming entirely inoperable and quite possibly needing to be replaced.

Even so, if you are this far down the road, and of course, the leaking is quite noticeable, and of course, the system may not even be working properly anymore, all is not lost. After dialing up a qualified, experienced and licensed repair, maintenance and installation A/C technician, matters will soon be put right. The old system will be disengaged, its materials quite possibly recycled (nothing goes to waste anymore), and a new, smarter, more compact system will be installed.

AC leaking watersigns to determine if your air conditioner is leaking water

A new system may even help you out with easy to follow self-maintenance procedures before needing to rely on the technician again. Old, creaking system, or new units notwithstanding, there are signs to determine if your air conditioner is leaking water. Leaking water is as a result of a clogged drain line. A clogged drain is possible when it becomes filled with dust, sludge and/or mold.

There are surefire ways to ensure that your AC never leaks water at all. For one thing, you can subject yourself to regular maintenance work. The bigger and more complex your commercial operating system is, the more necessary a maintenance contract will be. But not to worry, just as long as all your servicing work is being attended to by a qualified technician.