Wet Basements are No Good

Your basement can be one area of the house you do not think of so often. Or, it could be a commonly used area that is finished, complete with all the adornment you want. One way or the other, the basement of a home is the area most prone to moisture accumulation, water leaks, and the development of molds, some of which cannot be well seen at all. Costly property damage could be the result of waiting on repairs or waterproofing. This is the time to become proactive and find out what is leaking.

You know your basement has a moisture control problem when you begin seeing cracked flooring, cracked walls, white dust on the walls, and any visible mold. Leaked water could lead to staining on the walls. There will be must odors with a damp quality and puddles of water may form in certain areas. With finished basements, the structure is usually waterproofed first and then it is built upon later. You could be dealing with an unfinished basement, obviously more prone to leaks.

Only professional basement waterproofing will do the job in the way it needs to be done. These are the same experts who deal with mold-reduction. They must first take care of the waterproofing to the best possible ability they can do. This will mean a water-tight and waterproof basement ready for some real building or at least to spruce up what has already been disrupted by mold invasion.

basement waterproofing

Some walls and flooring may need to be replaced. Now that the other work is done, you will no longer be forced to replace parts of the basement due to water damage. The damage is done in a way it can no longer do its thing. Using the expertise of the best basement services in your area will serve well into the future.